Where does stand alone teaching occur?

Stand alone teaching of phonics, grammar, punctuation, reading and writing strategies, counting patterns, place value and more, comes alongside or during the play inquiries. A student involved with a train exploration becomes more acquainted with ‘tr’ words while he/she makes labels for the train track created, he/she establishes comparisons in maths by recording the different bridges and measuring them formally or informally, sentence structure and punctuation comes in when he/she is recording the experience.

From these individual play inquiries that occur in the room, a teacher can target small teaching groups that occur in isolation or on an individual basis. Within the weekly programme stand alone sessions on specific skills are taught, but, they are then linked to the play inquiries students are involved in.

This then gives students authentic opportunities to practise these skills. Simultaneously, students have authentic reasons to focus on teaching sessions as they can use these skills in play inquiries.

Formal skill based sessions are an integral part of the program. They can occur as small group or individual pullouts during the inquiries or a part of other sessions as timetabled into the day.

Good, accountable teaching is a part of this approach. It allows for the creativity to come from the child not just the teacher.



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