Setting the stage

There are many ways to set up a classroom for play based inquiry. Stations with books, resources and invitations that offer the opportunity for children to choose and create. Provocations for thinking, invitations for questioning and stimulation and purpose for literacy and numeracy learning.

The role of the teacher is to make links to the curriculum in all it’s forms, and to consider the social connections and the personal growth of children.

Be creative, as resources can be limited: consider nature, trash and treasure, the $1 dollar stores and second hand shops.

It is vital to resource stations, projects and inquiries with books and encourage the use of technology and research. There are is an endless list of ways of documenting learning using technology. E-books, Voicethreads, blog postings, Symbaloo sets, just to name a few. The possibilities are endless.

This is the starting point of my stations. There is a lot of room for growing and developing them!

Here some links to other classroom set ups. The rooms on this page are beautiful!

The key to using these spaces is to regularly change them, to keep them organised and for teachers to consider every aspect of a child’s inquiry.

A part of this can be watching and documenting as an observer. This will inspire ideas to take their inquiry further.

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