Resources to use and learn from…

This link is a clear summary of some of the hows and whys…let’s keep adding to the list

This is a wonderful blog by Kath Murdoch about inquiries…..

This lovely video is a true example of why we need to cherish childhood and support children in their investigations

This site has several videos that explain and support this approach to teaching and learning

This is a blog entry commenting on play and the idea that play is children’s work.

This article outlines Project Based Learning as an approach in Grade 3 and high school.

The Buck Institute have a variety of resources available on this site for Project Based Learning

This checklist outlines a way of structuring the approach in Grade 3 – 6. This is from the Buck Institute site above.

This is a fabulous movie showing how a teacher links a child’s personal inquiry to the class inquiry.

Edna Sackson is a PYP co ordinator with a blog that supports the foundation of choice in learning.
Her blog entry about yoghurt is a wonderful illustration of the importance of choice.

This blog Time Space Education is RICH in ideas, philosophy and explanation.
Caines world is a wonderful story about a boy who learns through play in every way. The author of this blog has a wonderful way of explaining the success of this learning.

This is a film that explains Play Based learning and gives clear examples.

This film shows and explains clearly Project Based Learning

This is a great animation film defining the skills involved with Project Based Learning

Caine’s World is a well documented example of children’s play and the learning that can come out of it.

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