Play and Language

This week, as we complete current inquiries for our new UOI, I posed a challenge to a group of girls working in the play corner. All girls spoke Chinese and English. I suggested they make a video record of the appliances in the home corner in English and Chinese. They could choose items to photograph and then apply these images to a recording using StoryRobe. I modelled the task and then let them go for it.

This task incorporated team work. Supported the understanding that they needed to document and share their learning and made authentic connections between their mother tongue and learning their second language. Most importantly it was connected to the inquiry they were engaged in.

Would this have been as satisfying for the students and myself if I had given them a worksheet with the appliances pictured and a line for them to write the English and or Chinese? Would that have helped them to work collaboratively? Would they have had the opportunity to make choices about their learning?

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